Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try- Look in the mirror that is your competition.Casey – there aren’t enough words to tell you how much you impacted not only my life but my daughters. Looking back I thought it was coincidental meeting you during a very challenging time as I had just finalized a long drawn out divorce. I was emotionally drained, working crazy hours supporting my 5yo and my motivation to do anything remotely healthy was the furthest thing on my mind. I had gained over 25lbs and looked in the mirror wondering who I was. My initial session with you we cleaned out my kitchen, pantry freezer and all … Nine trash bags later laughing yet cringing on how much money we were throwing away I made a decision to try. I am a very picky eater so I kept thinking how is this new lifestyle going to work. Your cooking lessons, nutrition tips, and honesty gave me a jump start, however, your workouts and reality pep talks each session ignited a spark that I could and would look and feel better if I made a commitment, was honest and trusted you! The first time you took pics I wanted to cry standing in my workout clothes just you and I and wanted to hide. Our workouts initially were exhausting I whined, complained and I gave you many excuses. Little did I know weeks turned into months soon I had energy, feeling inspired and excited to see the pics of my body changing. One of the first things you said is I didn’t have to spend hours at a gym which is what I dreaded and didn’t have the time for. 30 pounds later and even over a year later I have kept off the weight thanks to you! Meeting you one afternoon while shopping for gym clothes was not a coincidence it was a blessing from God. Casey, you have a true gift and calling to help anyone who wants to change but believes it’s impossible. You not only have the education but many clients like myself who can testify that anything is possible. I am proud to share the results we achieved together. My daughter now 7 years old will make a comment or joke when “my booty was big… before you met Casey”. Thank you for your passion to help change lives, make healthy choices and empower mommies like me who can smile now when I look in the mirror. God bless you! Amee N.

Bridal Balance “Wedding planning involves a great deal of stress and seldom allows for the bride to focus solely on herself.  Over the past year, Casey Tom trained me remotely to prepare for the best day of my life, my wedding day.” “Casey developed the perfect fitness and nutrition plan that fit my hectic lifestyle.  My goal wasn’t weight loss or to transform into someone entirely different for my wedding day, it was to survive the stress of planning a wedding + feel and look my absolute best walking down the aisle.  Casey has a friendly +nurturing personality.  She offers a tremendous amount of support and encouragement with just the right amount of ‘tough love’ it takes to achieve your goals. She has the ability to listen to her clients and adjust both fitness and nutrition programs and knows exactly when it’s time to shake things up.  Casey gave me the power to be the most beautiful bride and feel the best I possibly could for my big day. The lessons and knowledge I have gained from working with Casey will long surpass the wedding.  Casey, thank you for helping me find balance in my workouts, my diet and my life.”Erica M.

My name is Lorena. I am a stay at home mother of three girls 3,7 and 10. I was in a season where I felt depressed about my weight, I was running 2 miles about three times a week and I felt I was eating right because I was eating organic. Little did I know joke on me.

Although I was running I never saw my weight come down at all I felt as if I was just maintaining, I literally would cry in my closet because there were clothes that I couldn’t fit into and never would you catch me in shorts because I felt my legs were hideous.”

After seeing some results from friends and family who Casey worked with I desperately wanted to call her so I did. I was able to call Casey over and she definitely gave me hope. I immediately went into this lifestyle change and I took it so seriously because I was desperate. After the first few weeks of her removing all my sugars and headaches after headaches for my sweets, I stuck through it and in one month I lost 10 pounds!

She got me to my goal weight in one month! After losing the weight, I realize it wasn’t about the weight anymore it was about eating right. It wasn’t a diet it has been a lifestyle change learning what works for me and what doesn’t. I felt good, I felt good about my weight and I had energy. I even felt my skin reacted to this new change very well. My husband saw my commitment, he saw the change and was so proud of me! Working with Casey was a life-changing commitment. Thank you so much Casey for what you’ve done for me and my family. You can definitely catch me in shorts this summer again!

Lauren Williams

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Laura Kramer

Casey Graves

The Stewart Family

Candace Millsap

Melinda Jensen

Brandon Stewart

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