Said no nutrition coach ever! 

Honestly, how many of you have heard this statement before and been afraid to pick up heavy weights? 

Sadly this misinformed concept is heard all too often. 

The result? You see a lot of individuals spending hours doing endless cardio thinking that will get them to lose weight and be stronger faster. Truth be told, that concept could be further from the truth. 

The truth is, lifting weights burns more calories than reading your iPad or Book on the treadmill. Lifting weights burns more fat. Lifting weights will make you stronger and leaner. 


This is where the nutrition part comes in and plays a large role.  If you are lifting heavy weights and over eating you will eventually get bulky. This does not mean only eating junk food! You can absolutely gain body fat if you are over eating healthy food as well. Your body can only process and metabolize so much food at one time. 

This is the kicker.  It actually takes a very long time to build muscle. It is a very slow process. Once you understand these two concepts (over-eating and the rate of muscle mass build) you can become confident that with the right nutrition prescription, you can lift heavy weights and not get bulky.  You can achieve a lean, muscular look with confidence as long as you have the proper macronutrient intake specific to your goals.

Happy Lifting!